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We all are gifted with dazzling teeth till they become stained and start discoloring with increasing age or excessive use of nicotine and caffeine. The outermost covering of teeth, enamel, protects our teeth from various trauma and acid attacks due to the effects of different foods. But the enamel gradually starts decaying, contributing to the discoloring of the teeth, revealing the inner dentin which is yellow in color. Thus at the end, we are left with ugly and discolored teeth. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to educate ourselves more about the causes of tooth staining.

Old age comes with a lot of health problems and teeth discoloration is one of them. It has been predominantly seen in old age people as compared to young ones. Teeth whitening kits work more effectively and immediately for teenagers. But as the age increases, it requires more effort to fix the discoloration. It has been detected that people who used the whitening kits in their twenties fail to get the quick result unlike teenagers. Till twenties, it is the yellow color of the teeth that troubles the most. But in forties, the brown color takes the place of yellow which looks nastier. Shockingly, in fifties, stains become more obdurate which become very difficult to eradicate.

Diet plays an important role in eroding the enamel. Continuous intake of coffee, tea, cola, red wine, carrots, oranges, and other dark-colored food and beverages contributes to extensive staining. Additionally, acidic food like citrus fruits and vinegar intensifies the process of enamel erosion. Therefore, the upper layer of the teeth become more transparent exposing the yellow-colored dentin layer.

Smoking invites tooth discoloration along with fatal diseases. Cigarette contains nicotine that imparts brownish deposits which gradually soak into the teeth structure and finally results in staining. Chewing tobacco leaves also has the same effect on teeth.

Drugs in many cases cause tooth damage. Both illegal as well as prescription drugs cause tooth damage. Medicines like Aspirin, Antihistamines, Asthma drugs, and Syrups have a bad effect on teeth. Continuous use of illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Crack cocaine, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, and Heroin also strongly help cause tooth decay. Chemicals like fluoride found in many tooth pastes and water supplies cause white or discolored spot on the teeth surface through fluorosis.

Teeth grinding facilitates micro-cracking in the teeth and even causes the biting edges to darken. It is generally caused by gashing and bruxing. Sometimes injury caused by sudden accident creates crack in the teeth which eventually collect stains and debris in large quantity.

It is surprising that sometimes even dental treatments cause discoloration. White fillings of the teeth have been commonly reported to experience staining. Though not directly visible, metal fillings too assist in discoloration of the teeth.

Naturally, we all are born with teeth color that ranges from yellow-brownish to greenish-grey. Over the years, the color pattern changes due to the interference of physical and chemical agents. We can easily avoid discoloration if we take a little care of our teeth.

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