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Stains catch attentions easily, when the stain is in the teeth, more so.

How you look today is very important. This is why local home teeth whitening products have become very popular. The dentist will always give the best advice, treatment and service, and it is recommended that even for simple cosmetic enhancements there must at least be a professional consultation. After the initial consultation, the process of getting an appointment, finding the time and actually sitting in the dentist’s chair is not always convenient besides there are a lot of conditions where it is actually more practical to get a teeth whitening kit and apply it at home where the person could save enormously on fees and time.

First off though, toothpastes no matter how it is advertised to whiten the teeth do not contain enough substances to alter the color of the teeth. What it contains are silica for example and some aluminum and calcium that will be enough to remove stains but not really to counter the natural discoloration of the teeth as it ages nor does it contain substances that react with the mineral structure to whiten a dark colored teeth.

Second, most tooth bleaching agents such as gurgles and gels contain peroxide. It is not entirely true that using bleaching agents containing such reduces the enamel of the teeth over time. If it does, it is actually very negligible and so does not have adverse effect on the tooth. Sure there could be, in some cases, mild irritation and tooth sensitivity during the initial stages but these usually are gone after a few days of treatment. What basically it does though is change the color of the teeth superficially.

Not all teeth discoloration is superficial. The teeth could be stained from the inside that will show on the outside that will not go away no matter the strips, gels, whitening pastes, bleaching pens and gurgles done. For example, blood that has leeched inside a tooth will discolor it. For these, internal bleaching must be done by a professional. The process is basically the same. A bleaching agent will be placed and sealed inside the tooth that will make its shade lighter given time.

Not all teeth are white. The teeth have sixteen varying shades. While a temporary tooth may be sparkling white, the teeth replacing it may be not. As a person grows older, the teeth darken in shade, no matter how healthy and no matter how clean. But a clean white and shiny teeth is so important, very much so that even in ancient times royalties and people who can afford it applies whitening powder to their teeth even when it has proven to accelerate teeth rotting.

So important in fact that while not all of us could flash a George Clooney smile, we do not want to draw attention where the attention should not be. For one thing, it could very well probably be that the person you just talked too, if the person was paying attention could not be looking at you in the eyes but was watching your mouth while you speak.

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