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{Having a mouth full of clean teeth is a prerequisite to the use of a teeth whitening dental tray; the dental tray work more effectively on a set of teeth that have been brushed and flossed because the bleaching agent will work directly on the teeth instead of working on dirt first.|If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should stay away form bleaching products for a while because any accidental ingestion of the bleach may cause damage to your child.|Toothache can be relieve by placing ice on the affected tooth; you can get an ice pack or place ice cubes in a towel and place on the tooth for instant relief.}

{You can have your dentist remove and whiten caps or bonds or fillings, if you are engaged in a teeth whitening process to ensure that all the teeth all similar in color.|Broken teeth and defected dental surfaces can be taken care of by restorative dentistry which focused on correcting dental defects in individual }

{Try to avoid tightening your jaw or moving your head in an abrupt manner in order to help you cope with your toothache as both actions affects the nerves of the affected tooth and cause pain.|A steady build up of plague in the mouth can be detected during a trip to the dentist and removed to prevent the accumulation of tartar…. Going to your dentist regularly is a matter of using a stitch in time to save nine.|If you have a chipped or missing tooth, you can undergo restorative surgery; dental implant is a part of restorative surgery that allows a restorative dentist replace the missing tooth; by attaching the dentures and tooth bridges. }

{A person suffering from toothache is advised to avoid drinking cold water or eating hot food as this will just worsen the pain and cause more discomfort. |In a situation where a teeth is chipped off or broken but is still intact, the entire root, dental crown can be used to cover the areas and provide strength to the broken teeth; this is a procedure under restorative dentistry.}

{You can use pain killers such as Aspirin and paracetamol to get relief from toothaches; don’t use any painkiller, get the best and most effective for maximum relief. |Excessive consumption of certain things such as caffeine, tea, flavored drinks and other things can discolour your teeth; to maintain a healthy teeth color, avoid any thing that has the tendency to stain your teeth. |Laser whitening is the dental procedure of using a beam of light to accelerate the whitening effect of teeth whiteners; the procedure can only be performed after the dentist has checked your teeth and certified it to be safe for the treatment.}

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