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There are foods that ought to be avoided when it comes to maintaining healthy white teeth. There are even foods and beverages that can erode the enamel as much as any other food containing natural acid. Here is all of the foods and beverages that can stain the teeth and should be consumed appropriately:

1) Tea –

Tea can cause discoloration of the teeth more than coffee can stain it. There are also studies that prove that some herbal teas contain substances that can potentially strip the enamel of a tooth along with staining it. For iced tea and other carbonated drinks, you may use straw to reduce staining the teeth.

2) Energy drink –

Sports drinks are also acidic beverages which contain chemicals and vitamins which can erode the tooth enamel. It also contains food coloring which make it easier to stain the teeth once the enamel has been stripped off.

3) Sauces –

Food sauces especially those rich ones are some causes of teeth staining aside from being acidic such as tomato sauce and curry sauce. Some sauces have ingredients that are also known to be natural food colorings. You may consider lighter sauces or perhaps brush and rinse your teeth after every meal.

4) Wine And Alcoholic Beverages –

Highly acidic red wince may cause discoloration of the teeth as it contains chromogens and tanning. Just when you thought that white wine is safe, think again as this is more acidic and has more potential of staining your teeth.

5) Soda and Carbonated Beverages –

Carbonated beverages contain chromogens and acid that can discolor the teeth even if it does not contain dark food coloring. Some carbonated drinks are even found to be as acidic as battery acid and contain flavorings that also have the ability to strip off tooth enamel.

6) Fruit Berries –

Berries are one of the fruits which can cause stains on the teeth due to its highly pigmented molecules. Some examples of these are blackberries, blueberries, cherries, and pomegranates. Although some highly pigmented fruits seem to be of lighter colors, their acid content can still harm the tooth enamel. So make sure to brush after eating a slice of a blueberry pie.

7) Sweets And Candies –

Candies contain food coloring that can stain your teeth just like popsicles and chewing gums. Although the coloring may not be permanent but consuming this too often and gnawing on hard candies may damage the teeth and cause discoloration. So always rinse and brush after eating or chew sugarless gum to take off the food coloring and additives.

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