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Teeth stains are usually caused thanks to foods and beverages that you just have like occasional, tea, wine, cola, coloured sauces and colored fruits like blueberries. However, what most of the people are unaware is that the indisputable fact that medications will cause teeth stains. Even once you brush your teeth and follow correct hygiene, your oral health is at risk if you’re loading up the dose of sure medications that cause additional hurt than smart to your teeth. Hence, we’ve got Dr Neeraj Verma, Senior adviser, dental medicine, Apollo Hospitals, Delhi to present you an inspiration on medications that cause teeth stains, so the following time you’ll grasp what’s inflicting teeth discoloration. Here are top inquiries to raise if you have got stains on your teeth. Not all, however some medications will result in tooth stains as a side-effect. Medications that contain compounds like antibacterial and Vibramycin are related to intrinsic teeth stains, particularly in youngsters. These medicine sometimes cause yellow or brown spots on the teeth and conjointly patches or lines that unfold across the surface of the teeth inflicting discoloration. rather like the excessive use of halide will result in teeth stains, intake of high pressure level medications can even result in teeth discoloration. the identical rule applies to antipsychotic drug medicine. conjointly examine reasons for yellowing teeth. What to try and do if you have got teeth stains? first of all, it’s vital to let your doctor comprehend the aspect effects of medicines on the teeth. Your doctor would possibly amendment the medications if required. Secondly, it’s vital to follow a decent hygiene and brush your teeth doubly daily. {this is|this is often|this will be} as a result of not cleansing your teeth properly can result in a build-up of residue on the surface of the teeth resulting in teeth staining. you’ll conjointly think about skilled teeth cleansing choices or teeth lightening procedures if you have got stained teeth.

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