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AuraGlow’s change of color kit additionally combines a peroxide whitening agent ANd an accelerator light-weight. The change of color gel is thirty five % organic compound peroxide, and therefore the kit contains 2 5-ml syringes of it.

The mouthpiece will attach to the accelerator light-weight for easier use, and you get a storage receptacle for once you’re not exploitation the merchandise. whereas this kit works implausibly well, the mouthpiece is one-size-fits-all, as opposition one you mildew to your teeth. you furthermore may don’t get the maximum amount gel as you are doing with a number of the opposite kits.

ActiveWow Premium Teeth-Whitening Kit with crystal rectifier Accelerator best teeth change of color kits activewow kit
ActiveWow’s teeth-whitening kit is analogous to AuraGlow’s in terms of however it works, however you get a small amount a lot of during this kit. It provides 2 5-ml syringes with a thirty six % organic compound peroxide change of color gel, AN accelerator light-weight, and a retainer case; however, you furthermore may get reminerilization gel to assist with any sensitivity, and you get 3 separate thermo-molded mouth trays. The fictile mouth trays build it that the change of color gel gets right au courant your teeth. Plus, the actual fact that you simply get 3 trays suggests that quite one person will use the kit. The change of color gel works effectively, and every treatment takes between 5 and quarter-hour.

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